Klientský portál

Quality standards

Quality standards

Low energy building

The building will be lined with sand-lime bricks, which are used for the construction of passive and low-energy houses. These bricks are, among other things, sought after for their acoustic insulation properties. Used plastic windows with triple glazing have 45% better insulating properties compared to traditional double glazing.

Interior standards

The new apartments will be equipped with a high quality standard ensuring the functional and aesthetic requirements of modern living.

In the living rooms you will find Egger Prime 32 floating floors in oak decor. Appropriately chosen floor shade can be well combined with various types of furniture and the material design guarantees high durability and practical use. You will be able to choose from several floor decors the one that best suits your dream interior.

In the bathrooms and toilets, La Futura Burlington Stone square tiles in beige will be used on the floors, which will be complemented by ceramic tiles in the same shade.

Products of the Laufen Pro design series with lever faucets from the Hansgrohe Vernis Blend series were chosen as sanitary fixtures. At first glance, the timeless shapes of this bathroom series appeal with their simplicity. Sophisticated design is based on modern trends and meets all functional requirements.

Interior doors and door frames will be in a white smooth design. Entrance apartments will be in a fireproof design and with security fittings.